Stand out
above the rest.

Creative brand identities that impact people, drive success, and grow your business.

  • Get Noticed
  • Build Trust With Your Clients
  • Expand Your Business

If you can't stand out, you'll blend in.

  • Customers won't remember you
  • You'll be second to your competition
  • You'll blend in with the masses
  • Your business won't grow like you'd hope

KB Creative helps businesses stand out from the first introduction.


Businesses that have a consistent and defined branding are ones that are easily recognized and easily sold to consumers.


Design is much more than graphics. Telling the story of your business, while still looking good, is my specialty.


With a lifetime of creativity, I serve my clients with the highest level of quality, care, service, and treatment.

You’re not a designer, and that’s not a bad thing.

It takes a lot to run a business. You’re focused on the bottom line, increasing revenue, and expanding your operations. While good design might be something you appreciate, it’s not something you can produce and that’s where I come in. I have helped hundreds of businesses create an identity that makes a splash and drives the bottom line.

Packages & Pricing

One-of-a-kind design is a good investment.

I believe in complete transparency with my valued clients. The prices you see below represent my current offerings as of July 23, 2024.

As the demand evolves and my expertise grows, these prices are subject to increase at anytime.


Logo Package

Starting at


This is a good option if you are a small business startup that doesn’t know where to start, an entrepreneur pursuing a new venture, or a budget-conscious client seeking cost-effective branding solutions.

  • Logo Design
  • Typography
  • Colors
  • Alternative Lockups
  • 20 Page Brand Book

Brand Package

Starting at


This is a good option if you are a growing business looking to expand and refine your brand, a company in need of a brand makeover, or an ambitious entrepreneur striving to make a significant impact.

  • Logo Package
  • Associated Type Choices
  • Social Media Announcement
  • Pattern Creation
  • Icon Sets
  • 3 Collateral Deliverables

Business Package

Starting at


This is a good option if you are an established company with a history in the industry or a medium to large enterprise undergoing a change to adapt to new market trends or leadership.

  • Brand Package
  • Logo Animation
  • Corporate Collateral
  • Signage
  • Tailored Process
  • Project Tracker
  • Weekly Updates
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Client Training
  • Ongoing Support

I have 1 client opening remaining for the month of July.


The highest standards. The happiest clients.

"Kirk truly set us apart in our market."

Kirk is an outstanding designer who exceeded our expectations in every way. His creative genius turned our vision into a distinctive brand identity and website that truly set us apart in our market. Kirk's professionalism, attention to detail, and effective communication made the entire process seamless. We couldn't be happier with the results he delivered, and we wholeheartedly recommend his services.

"He's a visual storyteller."

When I planted Home Church, I knew that the visual identity was going to be critical to helping not just build a brand, but to tell our story. That's what Kirk does - he's a visual storyteller. He masterfully helped curate and craft the visual identity and the visual story of Home Church. It's iconic, simple, clear and packed with story telling of who we are, where we came from and what we are about.

"Kirk gets the most important thing about branding and design: Culture."

He has a listening ear for what a company or organization values and the gifts to fold that into design. If you are looking for someone to understand your culture and express it with excellence, KB Creative is a great option.

"Kirk set a new standard for what we consider exceptional."

In our first meeting, Kirk seemed to instantly understand the direction he wanted to go with our brand, which became a stunning reality that now adorns every aspect of our restaurant. Kirk isn't just a skilled designer but a professional who makes the complex seem easy, truly a standout in the field. He didn't just meet our expectations; he surpassed them, setting a new standard for what we consider exceptional.

"Kirk is a genuine nice guy who is a pleasure to work with."

During our new website build-out process, I was impressed with how flexible and accommodating he was. Definitely consider him for your next design project!

"Kirk is the coolest person on the whole planet"

I have worked with Kirk Brown my whole life and can honestly say he no doubt is the most creative person on the planet and someone would have to be an idiot not to work with him.

"He saw past my business and saw me."

The work Kirk did gave me the confidence I had let slip away for too long. His designs incorporated my personality, my passions, my work, and even the journey it’s been to get here. Bringing him in was a no-brainer after I had seen what he’d done for others and I was blown away when I saw the intention, passion, creativity, and heart he brought to the table as we worked together.

path & process

Elevating your business is simple.

1. Discover

We get deep into your business’ needs, dreams, and expectations. I learn the story of how you got to your current place, and determine a plan and the best pathway forward.

2. Design

This is the fun part. Once we’ve created a path, I will get to work on creating your custom brand identity that fits your needs. I will send over a proposal and get feedback until you are completely satisfied with your new branding.

3. Deliver

Watch your brand and business come to life like never before and take pride in what you’ve built. We help launch designs both online, in real life, and any combination of the two.

Creating something beautiful can be hard,
but it's worth it.

Listen, I know you want to make a fantastic and memorable first impression. As a business owner, you probably never saw yourself as a artist, let alone a designer. Making it all too easy to feel helpless and scrambling to find someone to help. I know all too well what that feels like, which is why I've helped hundreds of businesses that refuse to blend in create something that attracts people every day.

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