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I was approached by a new craft chocolate business in the Carolina’s that were in need of branding, packaging, website, and everything in between. I was given full creative freedom with only one exception: make it “fun and funky.” There’s a seriousness to so many craft chocolates out there that it kind of takes the fun out of eating it. Putting the fun back into local craft chocolate is what Piedmont Bleus is all about.

The below case study will show how it all came together.

1. Brainstorming
The first step to any branding project I do is almost nonstop brainstorming. For me, this means to jot down any ideas I have that has any hint of a potential lasting impression while also communicating what the brand represents.

They almost never look pretty, but it gets my brain on paper enough to hit the ground running with it.

With this brand, we wanted to create something fun and funky, almost like a 70’s style design – retro but timeless. This means there needs to be just enough curves, not too many, and oriented in a way that is fully noticed at one glance. Once I had an idea of what it could look like, I started sketching.

2. Sketching Process
Even though all I had was what looked like a sloppy chicken-scratch drawing, I had actually nailed down how I wanted the format to be and the direction to head. This means all that was needed was to sketch out the  characteristics.

To do this, I had pulled up a bunch of my favorite retro style designs, observed the fonts they included, and studied the characteristics of each one. I took time reviewing and researching the leading (space between stacked words), the kerning (space between the letters), the thickness of the letters, the slope style, etc. and how it all fit together to make the style appear distinct.

I took everything I had learned and applied it to the Piedmont Bleus design and created the final sketch. I had accomplished what I sought out to do, and all that was left was to take what I put on paper and recreate it on an LED screen.

3. Digital Design
The last step in this process involved a lot of time (and anchor points). There’s nothing quite like the feeling of creating something on paper that later becomes digitized into a piece of art.

For the “chocolate” subtext, I ended up using a font called Gotham, which turned out to be the best solution for what my mind was drawing out. It flows nicely with the retro curves and fits nice and snug without taking the attention of the focal object.

Our goal was accomplished with this design: Creating a fun design that is balanced well and has a one of a kind feeling that won’t become outdated. A retro-modern logo indeed. I am quite proud of the way this had turned out.

The Final Design

There are few projects that make my brain gears start turning in excitement the instant I get brought the information, but this was one of those projects. I mean, it’s not often that I get asked to create a custom chocolate wrapper design, so of course I was thrilled when the opportunity arose. I knew this design needeed to be eye-catching, unique, and really fun to look at.
1. The Layout
Since this company was locally made in North Carolina, I knew the wrapper should definitaly reflect that in some way. Immediately I thought it would be really neat if the three regions of NC were honored and made as key elements of the wrapper.

So I sketched out some mountains (the Mountain Region), some type of hill or plain (the Piedmont Region), and some rocks or boulders in the corner (the Outer Coastal Plain).

Even though Piedmont is the focus in the name, this bar was going to be a wink to the whole beautiful state it was born in.

2. The Colors
The Color Scheme was going to play a major role in getting this project to the level I wanted to be. Presentation is nothing if it doesn’t have colors that pop and resonate with it’s audience. Luckily, Madison (the owner), had sent me over a photo of a NC Sunset she was really into, and wondered if we could use those colors…and that’s what we did!

Typically finding colors is a lot more of a process, but Madison was prepared in what she wanted, which made it super simple to develop as well as saved a lot of emails and time.

3. The Material

A high quality chocolate bar must be paired with a high quality wrapper. I was on a mission to find a material that when you touched the bar, you say to yourself “they value this…I should too.”

I went with a felt weave 90 pt stock that was easy to rip off, but allowed a nice and formal finish to the overall bar. Go get one for yourself to get the full experience!

The Final Design

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