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Creating is my passion.

Be it branding, art, music, or even projects around the house – creating has been a part of who I am since I was a child.

I find inspiration by understanding what’s important to you, how you work, what your goals are, and ultimately how you want people to feel. The feelings people experience from your business are the essence of your brand, and I am privileged to help you uncover it from the second we start working together.

My family is
everything to me.

I’m privileged to be married to Sarah and every day I adore her more and more. We have been given the gift of two daughters, Eliza (who waits for us in Heaven) and Zoe, and being their parents is an honor we will always cherish.

When I’m not in the office, you can find us heading to our favorite local spot in Cramerton, taking our goldendoodle Oliver for a walk, or even spending time in our garden with family and friends.

We live life to the fullest, cherish the days we spend with people we love, and we believe we have the best community around.

I really love my clients.

For almost a decade I’ve been able to work with nonprofits, large corporations, small businesses, churches, and individuals around the nation. From Charlotte, NC to Simi Valley, CA, and the mission has remained the same – deliver top notch work for clients who are ready to stand out.

You can tell a lot about someone and their personality by what they intake.
Here are a few of my favorite books and music albums.

My favorite reads.

My favorite listens.


The highest standards. The happiest clients.

"Kirk truly set us apart in our market."

Kirk is an outstanding designer who exceeded our expectations in every way. His creative genius turned our vision into a distinctive brand identity and website that truly set us apart in our market. Kirk's professionalism, attention to detail, and effective communication made the entire process seamless. We couldn't be happier with the results he delivered, and we wholeheartedly recommend his services.

"He's a visual storyteller."

When I planted Home Church, I knew that the visual identity was going to be critical to helping not just build a brand, but to tell our story. That's what Kirk does - he's a visual storyteller. He masterfully helped curate and craft the visual identity and the visual story of Home Church. It's iconic, simple, clear and packed with story telling of who we are, where we came from and what we are about.

"Kirk gets the most important thing about branding and design: Culture."

He has a listening ear for what a company or organization values and the gifts to fold that into design. If you are looking for someone to understand your culture and express it with excellence, KB Creative is a great option.

"Kirk set a new standard for what we consider exceptional."

In our first meeting, Kirk seemed to instantly understand the direction he wanted to go with our brand, which became a stunning reality that now adorns every aspect of our restaurant. Kirk isn't just a skilled designer but a professional who makes the complex seem easy, truly a standout in the field. He didn't just meet our expectations; he surpassed them, setting a new standard for what we consider exceptional.

"Kirk is a genuine nice guy who is a pleasure to work with."

During our new website build-out process, I was impressed with how flexible and accommodating he was. Definitely consider him for your next design project!

"Kirk is the coolest person on the whole planet"

I have worked with Kirk Brown my whole life and can honestly say he no doubt is the most creative person on the planet and someone would have to be an idiot not to work with him.

"He saw past my business and saw me."

The work Kirk did gave me the confidence I had let slip away for too long. His designs incorporated my personality, my passions, my work, and even the journey it’s been to get here. Bringing him in was a no-brainer after I had seen what he’d done for others and I was blown away when I saw the intention, passion, creativity, and heart he brought to the table as we worked together.

Creating something beautiful can be hard,
but it's worth it.

Listen, I know you want to make a fantastic and memorable first impression. As a business owner, you probably never saw yourself as a artist, let alone a designer. Making it all too easy to feel helpless and scrambling to find someone to help. I know all too well what that feels like, which is why I've helped hundreds of businesses that refuse to blend in create something that attracts people every day.

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