BEYOND Experiences

BEYOND, a novel take on the traditional summer camp, caters to young adults aged 18-25. This transformative program aims to prepare the next generation of family, business, and community leaders. It’s a space to nurture their potential for creating significant societal impact.

The project required a comprehensive brand overhaul, encompassing everything from brand messaging and strategy to the logo and website design. I had the honor of collaborating with Brian Schindler, who crafted an engaging narrative that I then translated into a visual format. Our combined efforts successfully captured and enhanced the ministry’s story and vision.

I contributed by crafting a custom logo, choosing a distinctive color palette, and developing logo variations. My role also extended to designing and developing the website, creating a unique pattern, and producing various collateral materials like custom brochures to finalize the brand’s appearance.


Credits: Brand Messaging/Copywriting by Brian Schindler