Outside Chance Mentorships

I was delighted to be tasked with crafting the brand identity for Outside Chance Mentorships, a non-profit dedicated to fostering mentoring relationships, promoting equity in education, and empowering families with knowledge of the educational system. The organization’s vision resonated deeply with me, inspiring a design that truly represents their mission.

Their motto, “Navigating Pathways to Successful Futures,” sparked the idea of a roadmap in the design, symbolizing the journey from point A to point B, with Outside Chance guiding the way. Additionally, I incorporated the motif of an open door, signifying the organization’s commitment to keeping the door open to successful futures for those they mentor.

This new brand identity allowed me to create some really fun assets for the new brand and pattern to be utilized, such as business cards, mugs, and other merchandise.

Website: outsidechancementorships.org